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Workers’ compensation is a statutory system for providing North Carolina workers who have been accidentally injured on the job with payment for their medical bills and compensation for their missed time from work. If a worker is permanently injured, and thus, disabled from working, the workers’ compensation law provides a certain amount of compensation, according to the workers’ compensation statutes. If the on the job accidental injury of the worker results in death, there are statutory amounts of compensation which are available to the heirs of the worker. Workers’ compensation law is not always easy to understand, and an injured worker can always benefit from consulting with a knowledgeable attorney.

At Schuette Law of North Raleigh, P. A., we take pride in providing information to every potential client who contacts us. Mr. Schuette is experienced in prosecuting workers’ compensation cases while simultaneously pursuing injury claims against third parties in the civil justice system. The Firm aggressively pursues employers and their insurance companies to make sure that our clients receive all of the workers’ compensation benefits available. If the insurance companies refuse to pay these claims, then we take our clients’ cases before the Industrial Commission for a hearing before a Deputy Commissioner.

At Schuette Law of North Raleigh, P. A., “we take it personal”, so we will always be up front with you, and we will treat your case like it is our own. Mention this website when you call, so you can speak with Mr. Schuette today.