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Personal Injury Questions

  • Should I establish a relationship with the other driver’s insurance adjuster?
  • Do I have to give the other driver’s insurance adjuster a statement?
  • Is it the goal of the other driver’s insurance adjuster that I recover as much as I deserve?
  • What is medical payments coverage insurance (medpay)?
  • Do I have to reimburse my health insurance plan if I get a recovery from the other driver?
  • Who has the responsibility for making sure my medical bills are paid?
  • Why is it helpful to have an attorney working for me from the beginning?
  • In the event my case does not require attorney involvement, what am I entitled to claim from the other driver’s insurance company?
  • If I assert a claim against the other driver’s insurance company, does that mean I am bringing a “lawsuit”?
  • How long do I have to bring a claim?
  • Why should I take pictures of the damage to my car or motorcycle right away?
  • Are there situations where I need to preserve my damaged or destroyed vehicle as evidence?

Property Damages Questions

  • What do I do about my car or motorcycle, which was damaged or destroyed in the wreck?
  • How do I get around while my car is being repaired?
  • If my own automobile insurance company pays for my vehicle damage while the other driver’s insurance company is in the process of deciding whether to admit responsibility, who is ultimately responsible for my deductible?
  • My vehicle is not worth as much as it was prior to being in a wreck and subsequently repaired; will the other driver’s insurance company pay for that depreciation loss? 
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